Beta Sigma Chi Jack Burke and Bill Ogilvie Scholarship

  • sophomore, junior or senior to be enrolled full time
  • at least a 3.0 gpa
  • first preference to an individual with a family relationship to the Betas—family relationship to an individual who was a member of Beta Sigma Chi while a student at La Crosse shall be interpreted as a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter or any other direct descendant of such a member. If there are two or more students meeting this criterion, the award should be made to the student who has not previously received the award.
  • demonstrated leadership skills through scholarship and participation in university-approved student activities
  • financial need shall be considered taking into the personal effort to contribute to his or her expenses while enrolled in the university

Supplemental Questions
  1. Who is the Beta Sigma Chi member in your family? Please provide their name and your relationship with that person.
  2. Have you previously received the Beta Scholarship?