William Estes Choral Music Award (SAC)

  • freshman or continuing student to be enrolled full time
  • apply live audition or by submitting a solo audition tape by March 1 for continuing students that will be judged on musicianship, tone, color, range, vocal promise, and beauty of voice
  • be willing to give a live audition if requested
  • special application required and available on the Foundation Web site or from the Music Department

Supplemental Questions
  1. Incoming Music Majors
    • 1. What is your intended music emphasis?
    • 2. Are you willing to audition for the department?
    • 3. Audition Date: first choice
    • 4. Audition Date: second choice
    • 5. Submit one letter of recommendation from your high school ensemble director or private instructor.
    • 6. Provide provide name, address and phone # of two personal references.
    • 7. What is your instrument or voice classification?
    • 8. Do you intend to audition on two instruments or an instrument and voice?