Alice DeBower Recreation Alumni Scholarship

  • junior majoring in recreation to be enrolled full time
  • must have been enrolled in the program for a minimum of two semesters and have at least a 3.0 gpa
  • have shown enthusiastic dedication by involvement in campus and off campus activities, i.e., volunteer/paid work with leisure service agencies
    *must be involved in a departmental or professional recreation related organization
  • Donor
    Alice DeBower
    CSH: College of Science & Health, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation
    Supplemental Questions
    1. Dept. of Recreation Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec. Scholarships
      • 1. What is your program?
      • 2. List the professional organizations of which you are a member and describe your level of involvement.
      • 3. Please describe your recent community service beyond the requirements of the classroom.