George Gilkey Special Collections Research Scholarship Fund (General, Graduate)

  • Recipient must be enrolled full time at UW-La Crosse;
  • Recipient must be in good academic standing;
  • Recipient may be a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student;
  • At least one award should be made annually;
  • Applicants must submit an intellectual product produced using materials preserved in the Murphy Library Special Collections unit. Entries must be single-authored, and they may be a paper or project which the applicant has written or has prepared for a class but has not been published. Only one submission per applicant will be accepted. Intellectual works will be judged on the use of the Murphy Special Collections, development and argumentation of the ideas presented, originality of the research, quality of writing and documentation, and overall or potential contribution to academic scholarship. Murphy Library will retain a copy of the winning intellectual work.

George Gilkey
Supplemental Questions
  1. Gilkey Scholarship
    • 1. For what class or purpose did you create this paper or project?
    • 2. Which materials in Special Collections and/or the Area Research Center did you utilize?
    • 3. Submission of intellectual work.