Neighborhood Association Urban Renewal Scholarship

The Fund shall be used to provide a stipend for completing a year-long fellowship with a Neighborhood Association through the City of La Crosse, with a preferred focus on historical restoration projects. Applications will be processed through the College of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities. The recipient(s) must meet the following criteria:

1. Recipient must be enrolled full time at UW-La Crosse with a major in public administration, economics, and/or an interest in developing the City of La Crosse, local government, and urban sustainability
2. Recipient must be in good academic standing with strong interpersonal skills
3. Recipient may be a junior, senior, or graduate student
4. One $1,000 payout should be made annually

Supplemental Questions
  1. Neighborhood Association Fellowship
    • 1. Are you interested in pursuing a fellowship with the City of La Crosse and a Neighborhood Association?La Crosse Neighborhood Association?
    • 2. Please describe your project