Michael J. & Kathi R. McGinley Endowed Opportunity Scholarship

The goal of the scholarship(s) is to provide at minimum 100% coverage of the cost of tuition when combined with Pell Grants and State of Wisconsin Grants. Preference will be given toward students who are Pell Grant eligible or are of High Financial Need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Recipient must be enrolled full time at UW-La Crosse with a major in a STEM-related field
2. Recipient must be in good academic standing with a grade point average above 2.8 when applying for the scholarship in the spring semester of their freshman year
3. Recipient must be successfully completing the First Year Research Experience (FYRE) program or have their application approved by the Dean of the College of Science and Health
4. Recipient must be a sophomore at the time the scholarship is paid

Up to $10,000
CSH: College of Science & Health
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you received a federal PELL grant as part of your UWL financial aid package?
  2. Are you a first year student participating in the First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Program?