Carol Dobrunz Women in Leadership Scholarship Fund for Recreation Professionals (SAH)

*Recipient must be a female enrolled full time at UW-L with a major in Recreation

*Recipient must be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 3.0

*Recipient may be a sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student

*Recipient must demonstrate leadership potential through academic and non-academic activities on campus and in the community

Rec Mgmt/Therapeutic Rec
Supplemental Questions
  1. Dobrunz Scholarship
    • 1. Describe a time when you had to lead a group?
    • 2. How have prior experiences prepared you to be a leader?
    • 3. Describe how you might imagine yourself later in life serving as a professional role model for upcoming women in the field of Health, Physical Education or Recreation.
  2. Dept. of Recreation Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec. Scholarships
    • 1. What is your program?
    • 2. List the professional organizations of which you are a member and describe your level of involvement.
    • 3. Please describe your recent community service beyond the requirements of the classroom.