Catherine Crail-Susan Fransway Art Scholarship (SAC)

  • junior or senior to be enrolled full time with a major in art
  • one award should be made to a student in fine arts
  • if two scholarships are awarded, one should be in fine arts and the second may be in fine arts or commercial arts
  • based on high quality of art work at UW-L

Supplemental Questions
  1. Art Department Scholarships
    • 1. What is your degree program?
    • 2. First-year (freshman) and continuing students must submit a portfolio _(PDF format)_ of 10-12 digital images representing your best work. Incoming freshmen should submit 5 images. Size all images to 6"x9" @ 72 pixels per inch and save as high resolution JPEG. You must include descriptions including title, media, dimensions and dates. Disclaimer: Upon upload of these images, UW-L has permission to share images with fund holders and other applicable parties.)
    • 3. If you are a first-year (incoming freshman) please submit a letter from a high school art instructor.
    • 4. Provide a short statement of your goals within the visual arts.