Drs. Suzanne & Joseph Toce

Drs. Suzanne & Joseph Toce

Dr. Suzanne Toce and Dr. Joe Toce established the Drs. Suzanne & Joseph Toce Biochemistry Scholarship Endowment Fund in 2009. Joe is a retired faculty member from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Suzanne retired from Gundersen Health System where she was a physician and headed the neonatal intensive care unit.

This fund supports two scholarships: The Drs. Suzanne & Joseph Toce Graduating Senior Award in Biochemistry and the Drs. Suzanne & Joseph Toce Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship.

They also support the Joseph & Suzanne Toce CSH Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship. The Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship program fosters collaborative research between an undergraduate and a faculty mentor. Students from all College of Science and Health academic programs participate in a range of scientific and scholarly experiences. This is a premier and highly selective program that has multiple benefits for students, faculty mentors, and has a significant impact on the overall success of the College of Science and Health.


This is a permanent endowment fund and will support biochemistry majors for the future.