Daron James Williams, M.D.

Daron James Williams, M.D.

Daron Williams, ’06, researched prostate and breast cancer while becoming a doctor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. But one short year after earning his medical degree in 2010, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011. He fought the disease until he died March 29, 2014.

Williams’ wife, Feifei, and his parents, Byron and Anita Williams, have established a scholarship for pre-medial students — one of Daron’s last wishes before he died. “With much emotion he told us that more important to him than the memorial service was that we establish a scholarship fund in honor of him at UW-L for students pursuing a career in medicine,” says Anita Williams.

That affection for UW-L was echoed by his wife, Feifei. “In all the years that I’ve known Daron, he spoke to me on multiple occasions how​ he felt like the education he received at UW-L was superb and prepared him well for his career​,” she says. “He wanted to give back to his alma mater. ”After graduating as one of UW-L’s Murphy Scholars, the top award for graduates, he excelled at Emory University School of Medicine and was accepted to the Internal Medicine Residency Program at​ the University of California, San Francisco. He was halfway through his residency there when he died. Feifei and Anita say Daron positively touch the lives of many. Many of those he touched contributed to the scholarship fund. “It gives us great comfort to know that Daron, with the help of those contributors, will inspire, honor and support deserving students pursuing a career in medicine,” says Anita. “We will enjoy watching the recipients as they learn the art of medicine and contribute to the well being of their patients.”

The first Daron James Williams, M.D., Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Medical Studies will be awarded in April 2015. The fund has been endowed so it will continue to impact students.